The Phoenix Agency is certified by the ACG Commissioning Group and provides commissioning services for a diverse group of clients and industries. As a certified testing, balancing and commissioning firm, The Phoenix Agency considers commissioning of building systems a natural extension of the testing and balancing process. The purpose is to document the functional performance and correct operational conditions of all systems equipment and controls.

  This process begins early on in the project, preferably before the completion of the design documents. We provide a review of the documents to understand the design intent and to assure that devices and components are located in such a manner that the final testing, balancing and commissioning can be accomplished.

  During the construction phase, startup forms and checklists are developed for the contractor to utilize during the startup process. All pertinent submittal data and changes are monitored to keep tabs on the project and to develop the proper testing and commissioning format. In addition, periodic walkthroughs are performed while the systems are being installed to assure the correct location of components and access to devices for final commissioning and testing.

  Once the testing and balancing portion of the work is completed, the final controls functional performance testing is accomplished. This functional performance testing not only reviews a point-to-point checkout with the adequate documentation checklist, but also provides sequence of operation testing of all systems and sub-systems. All commissioning data, testing and checklists are combined in a report providing a threshold document of the correct performance and operation of the commissioned systems.

  To accomplish the commissioning goals, each team member must be an active, positive force in the process. As the commissioning agent, The Phoenix Agency organizes the commissioning team and brings all members together in a transparent process of goal attainment through scheduling coordination and problem resolution. By working closely with the design team early on, an open line of communication is formed as a solid foundation for construction related design issues. By working in tandem with the construction manager or general contractor on the commissioning schedule, an alliance is formed to maintain the construction schedule and the commissioning schedule in sync. This schedule coordination helps the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, controls, test and balance, refrigeration and specialty contractors meet the major milestones and eliminate conflicts that could affect the schedule.

  Bringing the team members together at the “kick-off” meeting assures their understanding of the commissioning process. Providing the system verification checklists and start-up reports at the initial meeting clearly identifies the roles, responsibilities and testing to be accomplished during the construction phase. Regularly scheduled commissioning meetings keep all parties on track and working together. Using this approach and including all team members in the process has proven to be the most thorough, efficient and effective method of HVAC commissioning.

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