is certified testing and balancing?

“Anyone with a flow hood can balance air.” While this is one theory, imagine the results of hiring just anyone with a flow hood to balance your 25 story office building; the scientific laboratory with sophisticated fume hoods; or that 220,000 square foot retail center complete with refrigeration units and kitchen hoods.

The right test and balance consultant for the job begins with the guarantee that clearly defined, uniform testing procedures are being followed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals.  As a TAB Agency certified by the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC), The Phoenix Agency must adhere to the strict standards and procedures developed by the AABC for every service we offer.

certified testing and balancing?

A test and balance agency can no longer just balance air and water. With today’s complex HVAC equipment, government regulations, liability issues, and ever-shrinking operating budgets, the TAB Agency must go well beyond the basics to insure clients are receiving the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems they’ve paid for. This means that your test and balance agency must be proficient in controls testing; installation verification; performance testing; design compliance and the ability to troubleshoot and provide solid recommendations when issues arise. Steve Young, Owner, LEEDŽ AP, TBE and CxA for The Phoenix Agency has a solid reputation for resolving TAB issues, and an in-depth understanding of the testing, balancing and commissioning process.

should hire the certified test and balance agency?

The Building Owner – Working directly for the Owner creates a clear and unobstructed chain of command. It enables the test and balance agency to proactively remain appraised of construction progress, interface with the design team, contractor, sub-contractors and suppliers in order to help maintain quality control and scheduling requirements. Direct hire means no unwanted surprises for the Owner at the conclusion of a project.  The Phoenix Agency is proud to be the TAB agency of choice for a variety of nationally recognized retailers, restaurants, educational institutions and healthcare institutions.

In 1994, the Associated Air Balance Council instituted a quality assurance program that polled the clients of AABC Members. The Phoenix Agency has been recognized by AABC as having one of the highest positive client response rates of any AABC Agency.

In 1996, The Phoenix Agency was presented with the prestigious “Member of the Year” award at the AABC National Convention. Integrity, accuracy, consistent results and satisfied clients continue to reinforce the Phoenix Agency’s reputation as an industry leader in the field of testing, balancing and commissioning.



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