Providing certified testing, balancing and commissioning services
with a commitment to reliable, objective reporting,
diligent adherence to standards, and uncompromising integrity.

The Phoenix Agency was established in January of 1991 to offer testing, balancing and commissioning services built upon a solid professional and ethical foundation. A long-standing member of the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC), our firm maintains a highly qualified technical crew of nine which includes one LEEDŽ AP who is also a Commissioning Agent and a Test and Balance Engineer; two additional Commissioning Agents who are also Test and Balance Engineers; and four certified Test and Balance Technicians. Certifications are through the Associated Air Balance Council and the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG). Our administrative staff provides client support, drafting, scheduling, estimating, report production and accounting expertise.

The source of inspiration for our company name and logo springs from ancient mythology. Representing longevity and renewal, the Phoenix was a unique bird whose life would end and begin afresh every five hundred years. Disappearing in flames it would raise from the smoke and ash – strong, revitalized and dedicated to its role as the new standard-bearer.

Each time you hear our name or view our proud symbol, we hope you’ll recognize The Phoenix Agency’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards in ethical and objective testing, balancing and commissioning services. Our core value – to continue as a cornerstone of reliability without compromise for the clients we serve.


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